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PC INSPECTOR™ task manager supports Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. With PC INSPECTOR™ task manager, programs can be quickly and easily started at specific times or intervals.

PC INSPECTOR™ task manager has predefined tasks, "Standard", "Logoff", "Reboot", "Power off", "Remote Reboot", "Remote Shutdown". With these routines, for example, an automatic reboot or shutdown of the server or workstation can be initiated at fixed intervals or at a specific point in time.

Regardless of whether you would like to start a program only at a specific time or on work days or every x hours you can do this quickly and easily with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager.

The full version of PC INSPECTOR™ task manager is made available to you at no cost by CONVAR - Die Datenretter. You may use the software at no charge and with no time limitations. You are also allowed to share it with friends, acquaintances and colleagues.


This work is licenced under a Creative Com- mons Licence.

Gratis-Profi-Tool: PC-Inspector Task Manager

"Nachdem Convar mit Erfolg das Profi-Datenrettungstool PC-Inspector File Recovery 3.0 kostenlos zum Download angeboten hat, gibt es nun erneut ein Profi-Tool gratis. Dieses Mal stellt das auf Datenrettung spezialisierte Unternehmen Convar das Programm "PC-Inspector Task Manager" kostenlos zum Download bereit."