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Question: Is PC Inspector compatible with Windows Vista at the moment?

Answer: Unfortunately not, a compatible version of the software is not available and an update is not even planned yet.

Question: Can you with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager launch software with parameters?

Answer: Yes. Give under Path, the path to the program that you want to start, and under Start Parameters, the parameters that you want the program to use.
As an Example:

Path: C:\Programme\Microsoft Office\msaccess.exe

Start Parameters: /runtime C:\Daten\Northwind.mdb

Question: Can I start a computer on a certain time with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager?

Answer: In order to start a PC on a certain time with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager, you'll have to set a normal task on an other PC from the network that will start a program that will send a wake on LAN signal to the computer you want to start. Should you not have a second computer, there is maybe a possibility to switch your computer on through the BIOS. Please your motherboard's Manual.

Question: PC INSPECTOR™ task manager does not perform the Remote Tasks, while I have domain administrator rights.

Answer: Please, bear in mind that the domain administrator rights have to have the right of connection as a service.

Question: I created a reboot / shutdown task and selected an interval time that is too short. Now my computer keeps restarting over and over again.

Answer: Start your computer in "Safe Mode" and set the start type of the task manager service to manual. Now you can start your computer as usual and reconfigure your task settings. Then set the start type of the task manager service back to automatic.

Question: I am trying to automatically start Internet Explorer every 21 minutes with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager and load a specific Web page. To do this, I have entered the path "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" and the Web page with HTTP as parameter. The service starts. According to the log, the program was run, but according to the Web server log, no connection was established.

Answer: The program IEXPLORE.exe cannot be executed as a service. To load a Web page, simply use the program EXPLORER. As the path parameter, "C:\WINNT\explorer.exe" should be entered.

Question: What processes can be automated with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager?

Answer: You can quickly and easily start all programs at any point in time with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager.

Question: Can I also install PC INSPECTOR™ task manager under Windows 95/98/ME?

Answer: No. PC INSPECTOR™ task manager can only be installed under Windows NT4.0/2000/XP.

Question: Can I also automatically reboot (restart) my Web server at a specific time with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager?

Answer: Yes. You must simply enter the day and time. During an automatic "reboot", all services are terminated before shutdown.

Question: Can I also execute batch files with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager?

Answer: Yes. You can start any program or executable file.

Question: My server no longer starts automatically after an automatic shutdown with PC INSPECTOR™ task manager. The W2K server shuts down completely.

Answer: The shutdown function causes the PC to shut down and possibly to switch off. If you only want to reboot the server, then you must use the "reboot" task. This corresponds to "Turn Off Computer" with "Restart".

Question: PC INSPECTOR™ task manager cannot be installed. PC INSPECTOR™ task manager could not start because the task manager service was not found.

Answer: You need administrator rights to correctly install PC INSPECTOR™ task manager. Without administrator rights, the task manager service cannot be installed.


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