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Question: Is PC Inspector compatible with Windows Vista at the moment?

Answer: Unfortunately not, a compatible version of the software is not available and an update is not even planned yet.

Question: Error Code 6 ?

Answer: PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery did only support media up to 2 GB. Media with a higher capacity caused this error. The new version of PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery, 4.5 or higher does now support media up to 2 TB. If this is error occur then make sure that you are using the latest version!

Question: Can I recover my pictures direct from the digital camera?

Answer: This depends on the camera. PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery uses a logical drive letter to access the memory card. If your camera allows you to access the memory device in this way, then you can use PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery to recover the files directly from the camera.

Question: What should I do, if I want to add a new format in the format list of PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery ?

Answer: Answer: In order to save a new format, we need three sample files, with the indication of application used to open those files and what is saved in them (i.e. video or audio data).

Question: I use a so-called diskette adapter to read from my memory card. However, PC INSPECTOR? smart recovery cannot access drives A: and B:. How can I recover the data on my memory card?

Answer: Open a "DOS" console window and enter the following command:

subst [new drive letter] [letter of the drive in which you have the diskette adapter] If you use the diskette adapter in drive A: and the drive letter, V: is still free, you can use the command "subst V: A:" to access the diskette drive under the drive letter, V:. PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery can then use the drive letter, V: to access the data to be recovered.

Question: All the pictures that are recovered by PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery are shown in a very small resolution, such as thumbnails.

Answer: Please download and install the new version of PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery. (Version 4.41 or higher)

Question: I get the following error when I try to start PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery: Runtime error 372: Could not load gif89.dll

Answer: Uninstall PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery. Unregister the DLL with the command: regsvr32 /u gif89.dll after you have done this delete the gif89.dll an restart your PC. Now install PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery again.

Question: If I try to start a reconstruction with PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery, I get a "Blue Screen" with a VXD error. The operating system I am using is Windows ME.

Answer: Under Windows ME an VXD error can sometimes occur with some USB devices. Be sure that you are using the current USB-Windows- and USB-driver for your card reader.

Question: I can not select the file format of my cam in PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery. How can I recover these files?

Answer: If you can save the pictures, video or audio in a file format that we do not support, then please email us a sample file to - Our developing team will analyse the new file format and will then integrate this new format into PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery. We usually can integrate the new file format support within 24h. After we have the update completed you will only need to click on the UPDATE button in your software.

Question: I've tried to email your support team a sample file, but the email did not went threw. What should I do now?

Answer: Our email server will only accept emails up to a size of 8 MB. If your sample file is bigger then please contact us by email and we will instruct you on how you can upload the sample file to our FTP server.

Question: The software PESTPATROL reports the detection of the spy ware "IamBigBrother" after the installation of PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery.

Answer: This is a false alarm. PESTPATROL detects the DartSock.dll file. This file is developed from the US company DART and is used from many developers to make Internet connections under Visual Basic. The spy ware "IamBigBrother" uses this .dll file as well. PESTPATROL confirmed in an email that this is a false detection from their software and that they will fix this problem with their next update. Here is a copy of the email from PESTPATROL:

Project: PestPatrol Support Ticket: False Alarm?
Ticket Number: 12775

Priority: Standard Status: Closed
Date: 07/27/2003 Time: 15:58:44
Creation Date: 07/26/2003 Creation Time: 05:18:48
Created By:

Entered on 07/27/2003 at 15:58:41 by David Stang:
I believe that DartSock.dll files identified as "IAmBigBrother" are false alarms. My apologies.

The false alarm will be removed from new scan strings we will publish shortly.


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Dear Sirs

I received my card reader today, and with the aid of your program I recovered 36 photos I had deleted several months ago. These were photographs taken on a research trip that would have been very difficult to reproduce (I am attaching a sample). I can't thank you and Convar enough for your generosity in giving away this invaluable software.

Thanks! Best of all - it's free.
Stephen Spiers

Titel:"Review: PC INSPECTOR smart recovery"

Fazit: "When you desperately need to recover important multimedia data from your digital camera media, this little utility sure can come handy."