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Question: Is PC Inspector compatible with Windows Vista at the moment?

Answer: Unfortunately not, a compatible version of the software is not available and an update is not even planned yet.

Question: PC INSPECTOR™ fs guard did not send any Email notification?

Answer: In such a case, please verify once more your mail server address and your network configuration. A common reason for this problem is due to an incorrect mail server address or to a locked port / protocol in the firewall. Should your problem persist, after trying to solve it this way, please send us the config.xml file which you will find it in the installation folder of PC INSPECTOR™ fsguard.

Question: PC INSPECTOR™ fs guard is not sending any email confirmation when a service stops.

Answer: Please be aware that when you select "Automatic restart", the email confirmation is sent only when the service can NOT be restarted.


This work is licenced under a Creative Com- mons Licence.

Kostenloses berwachungs-Programm fr Windows XP/2000 und NT.

"Das Gratis-Tool fs guard kann selbstndig Dienste und Verzeichnisse im Hintergrund berwachen. Wenn ein Dienst gestoppt wird oder abstrzt, kann das Programm selbstndig eine Benachrichtigung per Email versenden."