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To be able to use PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery 4.x you need a working WINDOWST System. Never install the current version on the drive from which you intend to recover data! The software must be installed and run on a second, independent drive.

After starting the program, you should first select the desired language. A menu will then appear in which you can select from three different reconstruction methods.

On the next page you can chose one of three reconstruction possibilities. The program includes an extensive html help.

Please note that PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery 4.x cannot reconstruct files from data carriers that are mechanically or electronically damaged. You should only use data recovery software if you are very confident in the use of your PC.

If your hard disk or other data carrier has a mechanical or electronic defect or you do not feel confident in the use of data recovery software, we suggest that you contact a data recovery company such as CONVAR - The Recovery Team.


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Best free file recovery ever!

I loved it!

Other programs would have cost me $68, and I got better results with this, than the program I would have used, this took a whole 5 miniutes, when the other took 3 hrs just to scan my harddrive!

Sincerely and with great thanks,
Jonathan Evans

Titel: "Helfer in der Not"

Fazit: "Die Freeware eignet sich zum einfachen Wiederherstellen gelschter Dateien."

Preis/Leistung: "sehr gut"