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Question: Is PC Inspector compatible with Windows Vista at the moment?

Answer: Unfortunately not, a compatible version of the software is not available and an update is not even planned yet.

Question: The application does not start and the following error message appears:

"This Modul was compiled with a trial version of Delphi. The trial period has expired."

Answer: Please download the newest version and reinstall PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery.

Question: After reconstruction with PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery, some files cannot be opened or are damaged.

Answer: If the files on the data carrier are highly fragmented (fragmented means that the file is divided into sections that are distributed across the data carrier), this can lead to such problems. In such cases, it is often only possible to recover the data "by hand". If you are affected, you should contact CONVAR - The Recovery Team without delay.

Question: I use WINDOWS 95 and cannot see the help files.

Answer: In order to display the HTML help files on WINDOWS 95, you need to download and install the "HTML HELP SUPPORT" from the MICROSOFT Web-site. This is already included in WINDOWS 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Question: I do not have a second drive. Can I save the files on a ZIP or network drive?

Answer: You can save the files on any logical drive.

Question: Can PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery also repair my FAT or partition table?

Answer: No. PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery does not make any changes or repairs to your damaged drive.

Question: Can PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery also recover data from a CD-R/CD-RW/DVD?

Answer: No. For data recovery from CD-R/CD-RW/DVD media, the PC INSPECTOR™ CD-DVD Recovery program will shortly be available.

Question: I always see the following error message on starting PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery - Error loading VXD.

Answer: Copy the file with the .VXD extension to your "WINDOWS\SYSTEM" directory.

Question: Can I also run PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery from a diskette?

Answer: No. PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery must be run from a hard disk on which a working version of WINDOWS 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP is installed.

Question: PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery was unable to recover the data that I need. Is there any economical alternative?

Answer: Yes. Visit the CONVAR - The Recovery Team Web-site where you will find information about the economical and professional reconstruction services.

Question: I have Windows XP and PC INSPECTOR™ PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery does not display any logical drives. What can I do to not receive this error?

Answer: Please bear in mind that under Windows XP you will have to have Administrator rights, so that all logical drives will be displayed to you.


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Best free file recovery ever!

I loved it!

Other programs would have cost me $68, and I got better results with this, than the program I would have used, this took a whole 5 miniutes, when the other took 3 hrs just to scan my harddrive!

Sincerely and with great thanks,
Jonathan Evans

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Fazit: "Die Freeware eignet sich zum einfachen Wiederherstellen gelschter Dateien."

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