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CONVAR Die Datenretter Repair&Service Logistics

CONVAR Deutschland is a subsidiary of the English company group, CONVAR EUROPE Ltd, with headquarters in Rochester / England.

The CONVAR group of companies maintains a number of service centres in Europe and is active in the following fields of business:

Data recovery

Recovery of lost, damaged or deleted files, independent of data carrier and operating system. At our location in Pirmasens, Germany, we have one of the most modern data recovery centres in Europe. CONVAR was also entrusted with the recovery of data from storage systems that were destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center of 11 September 2001.

Repair & Service Center

The CONVAR group of companies provides guarantee services for manufacturers throughout Europe. The range of services provided by CONVAR includes spare parts administration, repair services, telephone customer service, Return Material Authorisation management, logistic services throughout Europe and more.

Fulfilment and Logistic Center

In connection with our e-commerce solutions, we offer complete order processing, packing and dispatch services.

e-Commerce Solutions

Development, operation and hosting of customer-specific e-business solutions.

You will find further information about our group of companies on the Internet at


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Titel: "Helfer in der Not"

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Preis/Leistung: "sehr gut"