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Question: Is PC Inspector compatible with Windows Vista at the moment?

Answer: Unfortunately not, a compatible version of the software is not available and an update is not even planned yet.

Question: Question: Does PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx also function under Linux or another operating system?

Answer: PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx is a DOS-based program. You can copy any data volume with PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx regardless of the file system or the number of partitions.

Question: Why doesn't PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx achieve transmission rates of 3.3 GB / minute for me?

Answer: The transmission rate depends on several criteria. Our software is optimized for the following chipsets:
Intel 82371
Intel 82801E
Intel 82801E
Intel 82801BA(M)
Intel 82801AA,AB
Intel 82801BA,DC
VIA VT8233(A,C)
VIA VT8231
VIA VT8235
VIA VT8233

PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx also supports other chipsets; however, it may be that the high copying speed is not achieved with other chipsets. The data throughput of the hard drive and the cable used also play a role. PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx independently reduces the copying speed for hard drives with defective sectors.

Question: Can I also copy individual partitions with PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx?

Answer: No. PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx only copies complete hard drives. If you only want to copy individual files, directories or partitions, then PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx is not suitable.

Question: Why is PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx faster than other programs?

Answer: PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx uses command sets that utilize the full performance spectrum of your DMA chip.

Question: How can I create a *.log file with PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx?

Answer: Boot your PC with the PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx Bootdisk. Hit "E" to abort when the language selection dialog appears on the screen. Type cmaxx.exe -o:log.txt at the command prompt. A *.log file, named log.txt, will be created on the Bootdisk while the program executes.

Question: How does PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx react if the hard drive that I want to copy has physically defective sectors?

Answer: With the standard settings, PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx stops execution at this point. However, there is a parameter that can be set to instruct the program to ignore the defective sector and simply skip it.

Question: My hard drive can no longer be accessed and is no longer recognized by the BIOS. Can I still copy the data?

Answer: In this case you cannot use the program.

Question: PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx always starts in English, how can I change the language?

Answer: Start the program with the corresponding parameter "cmaxx -Language". Language parameters for the following languages are supported:

- DE German
- SP Spanish
- FR French
- IT Italian
- DU Dutch
- US English

Question: Why is PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx free?

Answer: The full version is sponsored for you by CONVAR - Die Datenretter.


This work is licenced under a Creative Com- mons Licence.
Superb Hard Disk Cloner!

This is what I have been searching for!

Worked flawlessly. Beyond my expectations.

Thanks! Best of all - it's free.
Eric Genser

Titel: PC Inspector clone-maxx

Fazit: "Das Tool hat nur eine Funktion: Festplatten klonen. Diese Arbeit erledigt es schnell, unkompliziert und zuverlssig."